Masculine noun, shortened form of striptease. From “strip”, to remove, to take away,  and “tease”, to entice, to tempt. And then all this in plural.

In Strips, a vintage erotic film is cut into stripes and then reassembled. As these filmstrips are displaced and manipulated, a shift from figuration to abstraction is occurring. A playful look at what is shown and hidden in the image, on the  appearance of an erotism and on the ideas of presence and absence. In cinemascope.

directed and produced by
Félix Dufour-Laperrière
sound by
Gabriel Dufour-Laperrrière
6 minutes / black and white / 35mm (scope) / 5.1 / © 2009

available on 35mm, Hdcam, Betacam, DVD and digital file