Felix Dufour-Laperriere was born in 1981, in Chicoutimi, Quebec. He studied, lives and works in Montreal. His films are divided between animation, essays and experimental shorts. They show a constant tension between narrative and formal exploration and maintain a close relationship with the visual and contemporary arts. His work has been featured in numerous festivals, galleries, museums and national and international events and has won several awards and distinctions.


2018: Ville Neuve (in production)
2014: Transatlantic

2013: The Day is Listening
2012: Parallel North
2012: Half light dynamics (co-directed with Frederic Dallaire)
2011: Canicule (co-directed with Marie-Eve Juste)
2010: Strips
2009: M
2008: Rosa Rosa
2007: Variations sur Marilou
2006: Head (co-directed by Dominic Etienne Simard)
2006: One, two, three, dusk
2003: Black ink on sky blue

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