Small architectures and brief nebulas. Abstract film.
M is a film of assemblage, juxtaposition and manipulation of animated structures. Small architectures appear and overlap. Brief nebulas arise, the most complex structures sometimes recalling constellations and other stellar clusters.
This abstract film shows the results of a year of visual and technical researches. Hand-drawn animations  were scanned,  manipulated and combined. The resulting images were printed on paper and reworked, then put in relation according to their level of complexity and the movements which constitute them.
Editing these images was done with a constant concern about the organization of the frame, of its center and periphery, and the succession of complementary rhythms and densities. The electroacoustic soundtrack combines noise music, digital processing and recordings of percussive instruments. It evolves with the image, underlining certain events and occupying some  emptinesses, taking advantage of the synchronisms and independences therefore created.
M is thus a short textured and sensory film, in which alternate density and release, tension and soft fall, animation, geometric abstraction and digital manipulations.

directed and produced by Félix Dufour-Laperrière
sound by Gabriel Dufour-Laperrière

8 minutes / black and white / 35mm / 5.1 / © 2009

available on 35mm, Hdcam, Betacam, DVD and digital file